Debt payments of 8.7% of GDP are expected by 2022

The Government is looking for support in Europe to restructure its debts with the IMF, and the Paris Club and the Secretariat of Finance is preparing in Buenos Aires to try to clear the $3.2 billion maturities to be covered next week. For this purpose, a next peso debt tender scheduled. It estimates that debt maturities in pesos in 2022 would rise to 8.7% of GDP, two points more than the current profile for the next twelve months.

Agribusiness sector foreign currency settlements in April amounted to $3.03 billion

The foreign currency liquidation of the agribusiness sector amounted to $3.03 billion in April, a figure that doubles the income of the same period last year. That amount allowed closing a first four-month period with total export revenues of $9.75 billion, the highest figure since 2016. The industry's utilization level had a strong recovery in the quarter, with values close to 59% and 62%, after reaching a historic low of 15% during last December.

A contest for entrepreneurs will award grants to 900 projects

A competition for entrepreneurs will award scholarships to 900 projects from all over the country; the winners of each of the three categories into which the competition divided - Idea, Start-up and New Start-up Project - will be awarded a trip to Israel. Projects from all industries can be submitted to the competition in one of these three categories: *Business Idea, for an individual or team that does not have an employee or have not received external capitalization greater than $100,000. *Start-up company for ventures that are in their first four years of life. *New start-up project for specific innovation projects in SMEs of any activity. Those interested in participating in Naves Federal can register at:

Valenziana, a furniture factory, aims for $143.47 million in sales

Valenziana is an SME from Santa Fe dedicated to the manufacture of the furniture that, in the face of the pandemic, made a turnaround to adapt its commercial system to the new scenario and sustain a ten-year master plan initiated in 2015. It doubled its number of employees one year later and started exporting with its stores in Uruguay and Paraguay and aims to reach $143.47 million in turnover, exceeding the figures for 2020.