Ualá’s Common Investment Fund (CIF) records a 190% increase in the pandemic

The Common Investment Fund (FCI) of the Ualá wallet became the second largest in the country after registering an increase of 190% in the number of investment accounts and 223% in the amount of money invested pandemic. One million people transferred resources to this digital instrument. 65% of the accounts belong to people between 18 and 30 years of age, and 40% of the investor base through the application are women.

In 10 years, prices of basic foodstuffs rose twice as much as the minimum wage

In 10 years, the prices of basic foodstuffs increased more than twice as much as the minimum wage and have risen more than 50% above the minimum pension. Purchasing power deteriorated, and with the minimum wage today, one can buy less than half of the food purchased in April 2011. And with the pension a third less than at that time. The primary food basket has risen 2,413%.