Grupo Santander announced the launch of Santander Consumer with $15.98 mn

Grupo Santander announced yesterday the launch of Santander Consumer for consumer financing. It comes with an initial investment plan of more than 1,500 million pesos ($15.98 mn) and the generation of more than 130 jobs for the next few years. The portfolio of products to be offered includes loans to companies, pledge loans, stock financing loans to dealers, and personal consumer loans.

International soybean price above $600 not enough to lower country risk

This week the international price per ton of soybean reached $610. The agro-export complex has already liquidated $10 billion and expects to leave in the State's coffers at least $2.6 billion in addition to the planned withholdings. However, this does not translate into an improvement in Argentina's financial situation. The rise in soybean prices coincides with a new escalation of the country risk, the JP Morgan indicator that measures the excess rate that Argentina should pay for indebtedness increased 3.7% and reached 1606 essential points.

Argentine startup Pomelo raises $9 million from various investment funds

A startup formed just three months ago by former executives of Naranja X, Mercado Pago, and Mastercard has raised $9 million from a long list of investors, including the founders of Twitter, PayPal, Rappi, Kavak and Auth0. It's called Pomelo, and it will dedicate to provide payment technology for businesses, cards and fintech from Buenos Aires to the entire region. "This is one of the largest seed capital rounds in the history of Latin America".