Installed capacity utilization in the industry reached 64.5% in March

The industry's installed capacity utilization reached 64.5% in March, which marks the highest level since November 2018. Compared to March last year, the indicator showed an improvement of 12.9%, although the activity was closed due to restrictions by covid-19. Compared to March 2019, there was an improvement of 5.7%. Installed capacity also grew 6.2% concerning last February.

Telecom obtained a $30 mn loan for investments

Telecom Argentina announced yesterday that it had obtained a new international loan for up to $30 million, which will use to purchase equipment to strengthen the country's ICT infrastructure further and continue improving the quality of fixed and mobile connectivity services. The second credit line obtained by Telecom is guaranteed by Finland's official export credit agency, Finnvera plc. In 2019 the company got $96 million.

Fintechs plan to create 5,683 jobs this year

The Argentine fintech ecosystem has 302 companies grouped in 9 areas. It is one of the fastest-growing sectors in job creation. Since 2017 the number of jobs tripled, going from 5,280 jobs to 14,728 employees in May 2021. According to a report prepared by the Chamber together with the Great Place To Work Argentina organization, the sector expects to incorporate 5,683 new positions to end the year with 19,808 employees.