YPF Luz reached 175 MW in Los Teros wind farm

YPF Luz's Los Teros Wind Farm, located 45 kilometres from the town of Azul in Buenos Aires, added 52 megawatts and reached 175 megawatts of installed power, equivalent to the electricity needed to supply 215,000 homes. The wind farm has 45 wind turbines installed on a total surface of 3,610 hectares, can produce 838 GWh per year and required an investment of $235 million. This renewable, efficient and sustainable energy source will avoid the emission of more than 400,000 tons of carbon dioxide.

Morixe received bids for more than $10.56 mn in its first placement of Bonds

The flour and food producer Morixe Hermanos received bids for more than 1,000 million pesos ($10.56 mn) in its first issue of Negotiable Obligations in the domestic capital market. The company was awarded 400 million pesos ($4.22 mn) at Badlar Rate with a 0% spread. Due to the high demand, it had to apply a proration factor of 2.25% and left out more than 600 million pesos ($6.33 mn).