Globant and Mercado Libre announce 1,000 scholarships for young people

Globant and Mercado Libre, in partnership with Digital House, presented in December Certified Tech Developer a training scholarship program designed to achieve the rapid employment of thousands of young people in Latin America. Due to the great demand, they have advanced scholarships and plan to deliver 2,5000 in 2021. To apply, please contact:

Public debt exceeded $341 bn

Preliminary statistics on Central Government debt showed a new increase in financial commitments, to $341.17 billion. In addition, $338.56 billion are regular payment, $106 million are deferred payment, and $2.5 billion are eligible for restructuring. The debt increased in May by $1.23 billion due to the growth of net credit taken to finance the public finance deficit; and $1.42 billion due to adjustments and exchange differences.