Record wheat and barley production and export revenues of nearly $3.8 bn expected

For the 2021/22 Fine Season, production expected to reach 23.6 million tons. Wheat would remain at 6.5 million hectares, and barley would expand its area to 1.15 million hectares, increasing 28% over the previous season. If these estimates realize, the Gross Domestic Product of both chains will reach $4.57 billion, and wheat and barley exports would rise to $3.79 billion.

Economists see April inflation between 3.5% and 4%

After the inflationary lunge of March, when the retail price index rose to 4.8%, April is presented with an inevitable deceleration, although lower than official expectations: economists foresee increases above 3.5% and in some cases, closer to 4%. Thus, the first four-month period would close with an increase of more than 16%, considering that the first quarter has already accumulated an increase of 12.9%, which is almost double the same accumulated period of last year (7.7%) before the outbreak of the pandemic.

Wenance signs $36.09 mn financing agreement

Wenance, the Argentine fintech company leader in consumer finance with an international presence, announced a 30 million euro ($36.09 million) agreement. According to the local company, this financing may be extended to 50 million euros ($60.14 million) and will increase the company's presence in the international market.