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Argentina places debt in pesos equivalent to $553.7 million

Argentina placed local currency debt of 35.438 billion pesos (US$553 million) on the domesticmarket, official sources reported. A total of 12.323 billion pesos (US$192.5 million) of the so-called Lebad bonds, due on August 28th, and 23.115 billion pesos (US$361.2 million) of the so-called Bonte 2020 bonds, due next […]

Electricity sector sales reduced by 50% in 2019

Sales in the electricity sector fell by an average of 50% according to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INDEC). In the last quarter of 2019 sales of televisions fell 10.7%, digital cameras by 18.8% and GPS equipment by 73.2%. The crisis in the sector has forced […]

Inflation slows in February to 2.45%

The inflation figure for February confirms the slowdown that the CPI On Line of Bahía Blanca had already reported for the first month of the year. A marked drop in Food and Beverage helped place the index at 2.45%, against 2.99% in January. IPC On Line corrected the […]