Kamado: the Argentinean who makes $1.5 million a year with a Japanese oven

The company has an annual turnover of 124.17 million pesos ($1.5) for all the products it sells around the world. The venture already has a headquarters in Chile. We have to produce in Chile where the costs are the same as in Argentina, but with the difference that we are not charged for exporting. In Argentina, we are growing quite a lot. In 2017, 150 kamados per year manufactured and now we are at 600. Meanwhile, from Stuttgart, Germany, where they were also recently installed, they export to European countries.

Envision Energy opens second wind farm in Bahia Blanca

Yesterday, the Chinese-owned company Envision Energy inaugurated the "Vientos del Secano" wind farm, with 20 wind turbines and a capacity of 50 Mw, in the Buenos Aires district of Villarino, near Bahía Blanca. It is the second investment of the firm in the region, a year ago put into operation the park "Garcia del Rio" consisting of four wind turbines with a contribution of 10 Mw. The Envision Group has been named one of the ten most essential companies among the 50 smartest companies in the world in 2019 by the MIT Technology Review.

Makro opened new premises with a $10.5 mn investment

The Dutch group SHV, owner of Makro hypermarkets in Argentina, invested 850 million pesos ($10.5 mn) in opening a new branch of the wholesale chain in Benavídez, province of Buenos Aires. The new location, which will employ 90 people, will open its doors today. The company is converting to a mixed model, between wholesaler and retailer. He ratified his confidence in the country, despite the economic crisis.

Seeds, a startup that started with $4,000 and billed $1.01 mn in 2020

Seeds is a young company that assembles work teams to domestic and foreign SMEs and multinational companies that require external services to perform specific tasks. They started at $4,000, and today their business is a boom that exports to the region. The enterprise reached a turnover of 81.5 million pesos ($1.01 mn) in the first ten months of 2020, motivated by the impulse given by the coronavirus pandemic to remote jobs. The projections for 2021 are to reach revenues of 326 million pesos ($ 4.04 mn).

Crowdium, Real Estate Crowfunding platform yields more than 10% annually

In the last 20 years, Merval measured in dollars grew an average of 0.7% per year. The real estate market presents as a safer alternative due to its low volatility and coverage against possible devaluations. The appreciation of the m2 in the last 20 years was an average of 11% per year in dollars. Crowdium is the first Real Estate Crowdfunding platform in Argentina with five years of experience, which allows anyone to invest from 50,000 pesos ($625) in properties and obtain estimated returns of over 10% per year in dollars.

The government of Mendoza has taken over the Potasio Río Colorado mine and is looking for a partner

The government of Mendoza signed the transfer to the province of the Potasio Rio Colorado mine that was in the hands of the Brazilian mining company Vale and is once again offering it to foreign investors. The potassium salts mine for fertilizers, located in Malargüe, had been paralyzed since 2013 when 6 thousand jobs lost. The Mendoza government assures that it has been an achievement to keep the mine and its assets, calculated at $250 million; plus $30 million in a company bank account to carry out maintenance of the property until a partner is found.

Fecovita launched the first social, financial trust in the country for $3 mn

The Federation of Argentine Wine Cooperatives (Fecovita), which includes 29 cooperatives, presented the first financial trust with an inclusive social purpose, for a nominal value of up to $3 million. It is the Fecovita I Financial Trust, launched within the framework of the company's Global Trust Securities Program, for the issuance of these instruments for a nominal value of up to $30 million. The fund will allow the use of the resources for the joint purchase of the inputs, generate the possibility of financing, greater competitiveness in the market and security in the quality of the supplies.

Saesa starts up thermal power plant that could generate $100mn a year

The company Saesa will start up the Central Térmica Uruguaiana (CTU), in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande Do Sul. It will buy Argentinean gas to produce electricity in a zone of the neighbouring country that has a high demand. The project will enable Argentina to export surplus natural gas and represents an opportunity to generate foreign exchange earnings of more than $100 million per year.