Sancor Seguros invested $2 million in an agrotech

Agree is an Argentine agrotech that seeks to streamline and empower the agri-food community. The Argentine company, founded in 2017, is dedicated to providing technology solutions to accelerate the digital transformation of agribusiness and received a $2 million contribution from Sancor Seguros as the closing of its Series A investment round.

Mercado Libre Argentina plans to create 2,800 jobs

Mercado Libre will create 2,800 jobs in Argentina this year, increasing by 40% its workforce in the country; it is a significant challenge in a 100% virtual work environment. One thousand one hundred positions will be in technology development; 800 in shipping; 500 in customer service; 200 in administration and finance; 100 in fintech, and a similar number in other areas.

Edenor and Edesur request subsidies for $590.68 million in order not to raise tariffs

Edenor and Edesur, the two largest electricity distributors in the country, yesterday raised the need to apply increases of between 28% and 34% in residential tariffs this year. They clarified that if the Government decides not to raise tariffs on users, the companies would need subsidies for 54,260 million pesos ($590.68 mn) to maintain the current services.

Trufas del Nuevo Mundo projects an annual production of 1,500 kgs by 2024

Trufas del Nuevo Mundo is an SME with more than 50 hectares in the town of Espartillar in the province of Buenos Aires and, by 2024, expects to reach an annual production of 1,500 kilograms. In the European market, trufas worth more than 1,500 euros per kilo. In Trufas del Nuevo Mundo, the export value ranges between $750 and $900, although they reached $1,100. From its beginnings in 2012 to the present, the company invested some $ 3.6 million. The investment values represent 30% of the profit.