Digital House, an Argentinean talent development firm, raises $50 million

Digital House, a company dedicated to training talent in the knowledge economy, has just received an injection of $50 million from its impressive headquarters in the Belgrano neighbourhood. It is the most significant investment for an organization of its kind, focused on immersive remote courses. Digital House has expanded throughout most of Latin America. It is an expert in training new technologies: Mercado Libre, Globant and the River Wood fund, the leading investors.

Argentine industrial group Libson announced investments of $1.97 mn

The industrial group Libson relaunched its household appliances brand Nueva Neba, which includes launching a new line of electric ovens and the execution of an investment plan of 180 million pesos ($1.97 million). The Argentine capital company currently produces close to 90 thousand units per year, including refrigerators and freezers, and will add to its family a new range of electric ovens.

YPF announced investments of more than $300 million in a Santa Cruz oilfield

YPF announced an investment of more than $300 million and the start-up of 4 rigs in the Los Perales field in Santa Cruz. In this way, the state-owned oil company will operate with a total of 30 rigs in the province during 2021. This initiative is part of an investment plan for $2.7 billion that the company has planned for this year.

The textile company Derwil SA inaugurated a plant with an investment of more than $5 mn

Derwil SA, the largest manufacturer and exporter of finished textile garments in Argentina, inaugurated on Thursday a plant that will enable it to increase its exports of socks to Brazil and the rest of the region. The expansion required an investment of more than $5 million and expected to create 50 new jobs, bringing the total number of workers to 190.

IMPSA authorized the issuance of shares for $20 million

The infrastructure and technology company Impsa sought to consolidate its presence in Argentina and announced that it would issue shares for a total of $20 million, which will offer to the national government and the province of Mendoza. They also seek to compete again in the markets that led for decades, exporting 85% of its products to Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas.

Bioceres shares on Wall Street up 75% in one day

The shares of the Argentine agrotech Bioceres jumped by almost 75% on Wall Street on Tuesday, a situation that triggered the momentary suspension of its share price, after its 6% acquisition of Moolec Science, a molecular agriculture company, was reported, allowing it to enter the fast-growing alternative food market.