YPF increased by 4.5% on average in gasoline and diesel

It is the fifth price increase for the oil company, from August to date. From Thursday, fuel taxes will increase by 5.4%, and from January 15 they will grow another 7.7%. With the transfer of taxes to prices, fuels will increase by 1.5% in gasoline and 1.8% in diesel in December. And then, about another … Continue reading YPF increased by 4.5% on average in gasoline and diesel

Air Liquide will invest $ 8mn in a CO2 processing plant in Salta

The French company Air Liquide announced a long-term agreement to build and operate the first on-site unit of carbon dioxide (CO2) capture in a petrochemical plant located in the province of Salta, which will demand an investment of 8 million dollars. This plant will purify 70,000 tons per year of carbon dioxide from the operations of a petrochemical complex for use in the food sector as well as in mining, but at the same time, 8,000 indirect tons of this gas will reuse in processes that will not return to the atmosphere.

Banco Provincia grants loans to SMEs for $24.27 million

The Banco Provincia de Buenos Aires has granted more than 2 billion pesos ($24.27 million) in loans in La Plata district at an annual rate of 24% so far this year, within the framework of the SME Reactivation programme launched at the beginning of the year to rebuild Buenos Aires' productive framework. A total of … Continue reading Banco Provincia grants loans to SMEs for $24.27 million

Central Puerto enables wind farm that will generate electricity for 95,600 homes

The Argentinean electricity generator Central Puerto commercially enabled this Thursday a wind farm in the town of Bahía Blanca, Province of Buenos Aires, which will have an estimated annual production of 368-gigawatt hours, enough to supply 95,600 homes. The Genoveva I, which has 21 windmills, demanded an investment of $123 million and was completed with the financing of $76.1 million, over a period of 15 years, granted by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank.

Neo Lithium moving closer to production with an initial capital investment of $318.9mn

Neo Lithium is advancing towards being Argentina's next lithium carbonate producer with its high-grade Tres Quebradas project in Catamarca province, commonly referred to as the 3Q project. The company aims to initially produce 20,000 tonnes of battery grade lithium carbonate over a 35-year mine life following an initial capital investment of $318.9 million. Without significant amounts of impurities to remove and very high grade, 3Q has the lowest operational cost and the lowest development cost of any lithium project in the industry at just US$16,000 per tonne of installed capacity and an operational cost below US$ 3,000 per tonn of lithium carbonate.

Mexican agency BESO sets foot in Argentina

In the atypical year of the pandemic and the paralysis of the economy, the Mexican agency BESO landed in Argentina as a first step in its regional expansion. With a strong commitment to "data driven", which allows you to move around the world of advertising and marketing by taking the game out of the overdose of information circulating on the web, the agency has about 200 employees.