With an investment of almost $40 mn, Jan De Nul has in Argentina the most ecological dredger in the world

Jan De Nul, is a family company of Belgian origin, the leader in maritime and port infrastructure works. It has an annual turnover of $3 billion and more than 7000 employees worldwide. It has been operating in Argentina for 25 years and has 500 professionals. With an investment of almost 40 million dollars, its dredger "Afonso de Albuquerque" built one year ago in China is the first vessel in the planet that has a gas filtering system that achieves a certified reduction of 99% of the residual particles of the combustion.

Austral is absorbed by Aerolíneas Argentinas, allowing annual savings of $100 mn

After 49 years of existence, yesterday a plane with the red and blue colours that identified Austral flew for the last time in the Argentine skies. As of today, the company absorbed by Aerolíneas Argentinas. Its fleet of 26 Embraer brand aircraft will start being repainted in blue and white to join the fleet of the flag carrier. According to the calculations presented last May, the global saving level that will allow the merger will be around $100 million per year.

The government extended the concession to AA 2000 until 2038, in exchange for investments of $857 mn

The Government extended Aeropuertos Argentina 2000's concession for ten more years, so the contract, which was due to expire in 2028, will be maintained for another decade in exchange for investments to be made in the air stations. The company will invest 857 million dollars in the next seven years. The company's direct investment reaches $606.5 million. Also, there are about $250 million more that are from trusts with money from the company. The rest, up to a total of $1.4 billion, are from system trusts.

Arcor: won $49.39 mn after a rigid adjustment plan despite the drop in sales

Arcor implemented a severe cost adjustment plan, which allowed it to exhibit a profit of 4,001 million pesos ($49.39 mn) in the first nine months of this year, according to the updated balance sheet as of September 30. It cut expenses, reduced stocks, closed factories and lowered its debt, among other measures. The company managed to reverse the losses of 3.547 million pesos ($43.79 mn) that it had suffered in the same period of 2019.

With a current investment of $5 mn, Explora innovates to transform clean energy from sewage waste

Explora, a public-private initiative innovates to transform sewage waste into oil molecules that exported to Europe. They use it as raw material for second-generation biofuels. They developed the technology over eight years, with the idea of not relying solely on soy for biodiesel production. They have already invested $5 million in the sewage sludge de-aeration stage. Also, an initial investment of $30 million made for the biodiesel production plant in 2006. A module is building now for the recovery of fatty matter from the sewage sludge stream. The investment will be between $5 and $20 million.

Kamado: the Argentinean who makes $1.5 million a year with a Japanese oven

The company has an annual turnover of 124.17 million pesos ($1.5) for all the products it sells around the world. The venture already has a headquarters in Chile. We have to produce in Chile where the costs are the same as in Argentina, but with the difference that we are not charged for exporting. In Argentina, we are growing quite a lot. In 2017, 150 kamados per year manufactured and now we are at 600. Meanwhile, from Stuttgart, Germany, where they were also recently installed, they export to European countries.

Envision Energy opens second wind farm in Bahia Blanca

Yesterday, the Chinese-owned company Envision Energy inaugurated the "Vientos del Secano" wind farm, with 20 wind turbines and a capacity of 50 Mw, in the Buenos Aires district of Villarino, near Bahía Blanca. It is the second investment of the firm in the region, a year ago put into operation the park "Garcia del Rio" consisting of four wind turbines with a contribution of 10 Mw. The Envision Group has been named one of the ten most essential companies among the 50 smartest companies in the world in 2019 by the MIT Technology Review.

Makro opened new premises with a $10.5 mn investment

The Dutch group SHV, owner of Makro hypermarkets in Argentina, invested 850 million pesos ($10.5 mn) in opening a new branch of the wholesale chain in Benavídez, province of Buenos Aires. The new location, which will employ 90 people, will open its doors today. The company is converting to a mixed model, between wholesaler and retailer. He ratified his confidence in the country, despite the economic crisis.