Balanz Group expands in the region: opens offices in Uruguay

The Balanz Group announced this Friday that it would open offices in Montevideo, Uruguay, to continue growing in the offer of investment strategies, in a first stage focused on developing the Wealth Management business, later venturing into institutional trading and capital markets. With 20 years of experience in the Argentine capital markets, the Group already has offices in Panama and the United Kingdom.

Foreign trade in May leaves a surplus of $2.36 bn

In May, the Central Bank recorded a foreign trade cash surplus of $2.36 billion, some $742 million more than what was reported last week by the National Institute of Statistics and Census (INDEC) based on Customs declarations. The data show the substantial improvement recorded by trade due to the increase in soybean prices and an advance in the rate of foreign currency liquidation by exporters.

Dollar debt: payments for more than $700 million prepared for July

In July, more than $700 million will be due between bonds and cancellations of bilateral and multilateral loans, according to data from the Ministry of Economy. Argentina will pay the 2020 swap bonds, the first instalment to the Paris Club and other international credits. Foreign currency commitments for $6.5 billion are pending this year, most of them with the IMF.

Vista and Trafigura join forces to invest $250 million in Vaca Muerta

Vista Oil & Gas and Trafigura Argentina announced yesterday the signing of a $250 million joint investment agreement in Vaca Muerta to develop 20 wells in the Bajada del Palo Oeste block. This alliance allows us to strengthen our business in Argentina and integrate the supply of crude oil for our refinery and the subsequent collection of fuels for our network of service stations, wholesale customers and the export market in neighbouring countries.

The Argentine firm Kheiron choose by the Gates Foundation to improve dairy production in Africa

The Argentine firm Kheiron choose by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to develop bovine clones to help improve dairy production in Africa. Recombinetics' Acceligen was awarded a $3.7 million grant from the Gates Foundation to create gene-edited cattle high milk producers and withstand Africa's heat stress. Acceligen chose Kheiron as a partner for this project and started with the Holstein breed in the United States.