Argentina, among the three countries with the worst performance in the coronavirus pandemic

The country ranked second to last in statistical analysis by Bloomberg of 53 nations. To carry out the survey, only those economies whose GDP exceeds USD 200 billion were analyzed. They took a large amount of data and taken into account parameters to determine where the pandemic is being fought most effectively, i.e. with the least social and economic consequences.

Government to pay $300 million to the IMF next week

The Government will pay next week to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) some $300 million correspondingly to the Stand-By program's interest maturity. It will be the second payment that the country will make this year, while the negotiation of the new program to refinance around $45 billion owed continues. Between the Fund and the Paris Club, the commitments total $7.6 billion in 2021, but the country is seeking to reschedule the principal maturities.

Soybeans rose $6 and surpassed $532

Soybean rose $6.06 yesterday in the Chicago market, after reaching a seven-year high, and closed at $532.69. The oilseed price accumulated its fifth bullish round and was 75% above the value it had thirteen months ago. Exports of the soybean complex closed the first quarter of the year with a record income of $5.025 billion due to the increase in international grain prices.

Second Covax delivery of 864,000 AstraZeneca doses arrives

Argentina took delivery of a new shipment of Covid-19 vaccines welcoming 864,000 doses from the AstraZeneca laboratory as part of the World Health Organisation's COVAX scheme. The doses, which arrived on a flight from the Netherlands, come from the nine million vaccines acquired by Argentina through the Covax scheme. This is the second shipment, following on from some 218,000 doses received in March.