MSCI downgraded Argentina to Independent Market status

Based on "the prolonged severity of capital controls", the US company MSCI, which prepares stock market indexes that guide the bets of significant investment funds, will reclassify Argentina to the category of Independent Markets, from Emerging Markets, one step below Frontier Markets, the status to which the country was expected to fall, according to what investors were expecting. The country's reclassification will take place in November, after three years in the Emerging category.

The government designed a new gas pipeline system that will save $1.15 bn per year

The national government designed a new gas pipeline system that will save $1.15 billion per year by substituting imports, resulting in annual fiscal savings of almost $600 million. The pipeline system intends to replace all LNG imports, replace declining Bolivian production and supply natural gas to all thermal power plants to replace domestic liquid fuels.

Covid: Argentina could manufacture almost 200 million vaccines

Argentina is one of the 35 countries worldwide where the vaccine to combat the coronavirus is manufactured, together with Brazil and Mexico. In the AstraZeneca vaccine, the active ingredient part produced in the MAbxience laboratory, where 90 million doses have been made and expect to reach 180 million this year. Sputnik V's fractionation and packaging part carry out since last week at the MR Pharma laboratory, where they hope to produce 5 million doses per month. On the other hand, negotiations are progressing to make the Chinese vaccine Sinopharm at Sinergium Biotech part of the Insud Group.

Almundo completes 100% acquisition of Avantrip

The Brazilian company CVC Group, owner of Almundo, informed the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission that it acquired the remaining 39.94% stake in Grupo Bibam (with Biblos, focused on luxury tourism Avantrip, an online agency), both based in Argentina. CVC Corp becomes the most influential travel group in Latin America with this purchase, which already … Continue reading Almundo completes 100% acquisition of Avantrip

YPF Luz reached 175 MW in Los Teros wind farm

YPF Luz's Los Teros Wind Farm, located 45 kilometres from the town of Azul in Buenos Aires, added 52 megawatts and reached 175 megawatts of installed power, equivalent to the electricity needed to supply 215,000 homes. The wind farm has 45 wind turbines installed on a total surface of 3,610 hectares, can produce 838 GWh … Continue reading YPF Luz reached 175 MW in Los Teros wind farm