The government expects the agricultural sector to contribute $11 bn to the economy

The agricultural sector is Argentina's leading exporter up to September with 21 billion dollars, representing 51% of the foreign exchange that entered the country so far in 2020. It expects that for the rest of the year and the first two months of 2021, it will generate 11 billion dollars more (an average of 2.2 billion dollars per month).

Argentine scientists who export biotechnology received $7 million

Keclon, an Argentine biotechnology company focused on the edible oil, food, biodiesel and animal nutrition industries, is committed to growth. The firm obtained an investment of $7 million and will invest it in opening its industrial plant in early 2021. The investment received will help them boost the development and commercialization of enzymes for an industry that reduces the environmental impact of the industrial processes used: They are 100% biodegradable, save energy and reduce the consumption of water and other essential resources.

Automotive sector: entrepreneurs ratified investments of $5 billion until 2021

Entrepreneurs from the automotive sector ratified the investments planned until 2021 for a total of $5 billion. The sectorial table of the Economic and Social Agreement launched by the National Government began the formation of a tripartite entity between the State, entrepreneurs and workers, who agreed on the principal axes of work in the short and medium-term to boost production.

Health sector reports average adjustments in medicines over 500%

The Argentine Health Union, which groups clinics, sanatoriums, hospitals, diagnostic centres, social works, financiers and emergency services that serve 70% of the population, warned the Government that in recent months there had been average adjustments in medicines that exceed 500%. There are increases of up to 1100% in medications that must be administered especially to patients with COVID

Revenues of wineries increase by $36.9 million

The measures announced by the Government in early October to support wine exports involve an increase of more than 100% in reimbursements for shipments of bottled and bulk wine, sparkling wine and must. The impact of these measures would represent an estimated improvement in the sector's income in the order of $36.9 million.

Minera Barrick to invest $628 million in Veladero expansion

Canadian mining company Barrick Gold plans to invest $628 million in projects in addition to the plan to extend the life of the Veladero gold mine in San Juan Province. It was announced yesterday by Barrick's CEO, Mark Bristow, who assured that the redesign of Veladero and the high international price of gold would allow the exploitation of the deposit until 2033 with an impact of $5 billion on the Argentine economy.