Newsan Foods invests $2.1 mn in developing mussel production

Newsan Group, the leading manufacturer of electronic products in Tierra del Fuego, will invest 200 million pesos ($2.1 mn) in an aquaculture project to develop the production of mussels in the Beagle Channel. The initiative is part of a diversification of activities of the national capital company, which had already ventured into the fishing and food sectors through its Newsan Food division. The company currently exports to more than 70 countries and has an annual turnover of $180

Etermax and Universidad de San Andrés promote the development of artificial intelligence talents

Etermax and Universidad de San Andrés encourage the education of young people in the technology industry and bet on their professional development. By creating a game programmed with artificial intelligence, they invite students to experiment and learn how technology works, transforming the way of doing things and boosting people's creativity, leaving systematic work to machines and facilitating decision making.

Globant and Mercado Libre announce 1,000 scholarships for young people

Globant and Mercado Libre, in partnership with Digital House, presented in December Certified Tech Developer a training scholarship program designed to achieve the rapid employment of thousands of young people in Latin America. Due to the great demand, they have advanced scholarships and plan to deliver 2,5000 in 2021. To apply, please contact:

Corn producers marketed 59% of the 2020/21 crop year

Encouraged by the international prices, Argentine producers sell corn of the 2020/21 season, which is currently in the harvest stage. Official data show that producers sold already 29.7 million tons in the first week of June, translating into 59% of the estimated 50 million tons of the campaign. According to agro-exporting companies, the sector liquidated a little over $13.5 billion in the first five months of the year.