Agribusiness has already lost more than $145 mn due to the transport strike

The transport workers have maintained intermittent roadblocks since Saturday in the central part of the country and could toughen the measure of force while continuing to wait for a call from the government. The agribusiness sector was one of the hardest hit. In the first four days of this week, around 10,000 trucks stopped entering the port, representing an average load of 300,000 tonnes with an approximate value of $145 million. The figures must add $30,000 for each day's delay in loading a ship.

The Argentine startup Satellogic will launch satellites with the company Space X

Satellogic, a young Argentine technology-oriented aerospace business, closed a deal with Elon Musk's Space X to put four nanosatellites into orbit on a Falcon 9 starting in June. The aim is to build a constellation of 300 satellites, all of them manufactured by the company. The company was created in 2010 and has already received $120 million investments and is shaping up to be a unicorn. To date, it has launched 21 low-cost nanosatellites and plans to triple that number by 2023.

The industry grew 6% in December

According to the advanced index prepared by the Centre for Production Studies, which considers the energy consumption provided by CAMMESA, the year-on-year expansion of activity was 6.1%. The improvement was driven by the most influential sectors: the steel, metal-mechanic and automotive industries.

YPF and Equinor partner with Shell for offshore exploration

YPF and Equinor agreed on Shell's entry as a third partner of the offshore block CAN100, located in the Northern Basin of the Argentine Sea. After this operation, Equinor (operator of the area) and YPF will divide 70% of the block into equal parts, and Shell will enter with the remaining 30%. The block locates in water more than 1,500 metres deep that has never been explored or drilled in the country before.