SME industry grew 76.9% in April

During April, industrial production in SMEs continued on a path of tenuous recovery, although it is still below pre-pandemic levels: a 76.9% growth compared to the same month last year when there was a 53.1% drop due to the effect of the pandemic. Compared to 2019, there was a contraction of 17.1%.

Ingacot invests $1.06 mn in pig breeding

With the support of BICE (Banco de Inversión y Comercio Exterior), the agricultural company Ingacot, dedicated to the breeding and reproduction of pigs, is investing more than 100 million pesos ($1.06 mn) in expanding the production capacity of its farm located in the town of Bolívar, Buenos Aires.

Holcim Cement Company invests $120 million

The cement company Holcim inaugurated Wednesday a new cement production line at its plant in Malagueño, Córdoba. The group invested $120 million in the project of an integral line that included a new kiln and a new generation vertical mill following world standards on the impact on the environment. It will increase capacity by 512 thousand tons during the year, representing 45% more than at present.

The industry grew 6% in April

Productive activity, measured based on energy consumption, grew 6% in April compared to the same month of 2019. However, the advance index of industrial activity contracted 2.9% on a monthly seasonally adjusted basis concerning March.

Private banks lead in loans for productive investment with $4.38 bn

Banks assisted more than 98,000 MSMEs for a total of 411,678 million pesos ($4.38 billion) in the first six months of the program. The loans granted represent 8.7% of private sector deposits in pesos. The total amount disbursed by banks is equivalent to more than 15% of the monetary base, according to information from the Argentine Banks Association (ADEBA).

Installed capacity utilization in the industry reached 64.5% in March

The industry's installed capacity utilization reached 64.5% in March, which marks the highest level since November 2018. Compared to March last year, the indicator showed an improvement of 12.9%, although the activity was closed due to restrictions by covid-19. Compared to March 2019, there was an improvement of 5.7%. Installed capacity also grew 6.2% concerning last February.