Argentina lost a lawsuit in New York for the PBI Coupon

New York Judge Loretta Preska ruled against the country in the case brought by the vulture fund Aurelius due to how during 2014, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner's government modified the mechanism for measuring the national GDP. If the case settled, the country should pay a minimum of $1.2 billion for the GDP Coupon. According to Preska, the government acted in "bad faith".

According to the World Bank, Argentina’s economy will grow 6.4% this year

The World Bank improved its growth projection for the Argentine economy this year: the entity estimates that the GDP will recover by 6.4%, 1.5 percentage points more than foreseen in its previous report. Thus, it is closer to different private estimates that show that the rebound for this year could, if some factors are taken into account, exceed 7%.

A trade surplus of $865 million estimated for February

After December's deficit, which interrupted 27 consecutive months of positive results, the trade balance started the year with a trade surplus of over $1 billion. The trend seems to sustain during February. According to different consulting firms, in the second month of 2021, the Argentine Trade Exchange (ICA) recorded a favourable balance of $865 million, sustained by exports from the agricultural sector.

The U.S. could complicate Argentine steel and aluminium exports: $700 mn at risk

The inauguration of the US Secretary of Commerce, Gina Raimondo, came with disturbing news for Argentina: she anticipated global tariffs changes in the short term. Argentina achieved quotas for steel exports of 180,000 tons complied with and that enter without paying tariffs. The same applies to aluminium, which shipped without restrictions. It maintained until now. For Argentina, this means total exports of $700 million. That is what is at stake if this preference is modified.

Half of the interest charged by the IMF comes from Argentina

Argentina is the IMF's primary debtor, owing to it $46 billion. For the organization, this represents almost one-third of its total debts. It is now urgent that in the talks and subsequent negotiations with the Fund, it is possible to postpone this year's maturities, which amount to $3.65 billion in principal and close to $1 billion in interest. Argentina's interest payments are almost half of what the IMF will charge all countries for that concept. Argentina is a good client for the Fund and a significant contributor to the Fund's annual cash flow.