Fernandez aims to resolve debt issues without seeking a haircut for creditors

Argentina's president elect, Alberto Fernandez, has stated that once he takes office the country will attempt to solve its sovereign debt issues quickly and without seeking a haircut for creditors. A difficult task taking in account the different challenges of a country with a persistent fiscal deficits and recession. According to the latest government statistics, Argentina’s total outstanding debt totals $337 billion, or 80.7 percent of GDP.

Argentina’s elected President prepares new 2020 budget

President-elect Alberto Fernández, will send the new draft Budget 2020 to Congress on December 12, two days after taking office. Opposition lawmakers said they will not hinder the debate of the initiative. Fernández decision was notified by the future head of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa, to the next heads of all blocs in the lower house including the 'macrista' Álvaro González, and Máximo Kirchner, future head of the official bloc.

Fuels rise 6% and prepaid health plans 12%

Oil companies operating in Argentina apply a further increase of up to 6.5% in fuel prices as of today, thus totaling 17.8% in one month, after authorization granted by the Government. Meanwhile, companies offering prepaid health plans also apply a 12% increase as of today. This is the sixth consecutive increase of the year that accumulates 61%, 6 points above the estimated inflation of 55%.