Argentina reinstates beef exports registry

Argentina's government created a registry of beef exporters among other measures to curb under-invoicing, which authorities fear has been going on for a while now. The announcement was made by the Office of the Cabinet Chief (Santiago Cafiero). The goal is to improve the monitoring of beef exports and the supply to the domestic market, the government said in a statement.

One hundred ninety-three Argentine cities get ready to fight against climate change

One hundred ninety-three cities in our country established zero-carbon goals for the year 2050 out of a total of 800 worldwide. The data is from the new Renewables in Cities Global Status Report prepared by the influential international political network REN21. According to the technical report, they represent almost 25% of the cities that have set zero carbon goals globally.

The government announced an investment of $297.71 million in Progresar 2021 scholarships

The government announced that the Progresar scholarships will have an investment of 27 billion pesos ($297.71 mn) in 2021 and will seek to benefit 750,000 students at all levels of education. The scholarships for young people to finish their studies will increase in their amounts ranging from 40 to more than 163%, while two instalments will be added, thus reaching 12 payments in the year.

Edenor lost $198.08 million in one year

Edenor reported yesterday that it recorded losses of 17.69 billion pesos ($198.08 mn) in 2020. It argued that the lack of adjustment in electricity price caused its revenues to fall by 25% in real terms. The Ente Regulador de Electricidad prevents the two distributors in the metropolitan area (Edenor and Edesur) from cutting off electricity service to users with accumulated debts during the pandemic.

Catamarca proposes to create an Argentinian cryptocurrency backed on lithium, gold and silver

The government of Catamarca presented a project to regulate fintechs and cryptocurrencies, and proposed the creation of a Digital Currency of Argentina or of the Provinces of the Norte Grande, backed by the mining production of lithium, gold and silver. According to the government of this province, these assets have a good international valuation and good medium-term prospects.