From today fuels are 5% more expensive

The three largest oil companies operating in Argentina (YPF, Axion and Shell) apply from today a 5% average increase in the price of gasoline. It is as a result of the end of the decree that froze fuel prices for 90 days after the primary elections to prevent the devaluation in which the dollar jumped from 45 to 57 pesos was transferred to prices.

Three funds sue Argentina for falsifying 2013 GDP data

Bloomberg news agency reported on Tuesday that three funds – Palladian Partners LP, HBK Master Fund LP and Hirsh Group LLC – filed a lawsuit against Argentina in August in London courts as they believe the country “altered” the GDP estimate in 2013 to avoid triggering the payment of the bond called Cupon PBI. The report indicates that the three vulture funds claim to have credits for 6.1 billion euros without specifying the amount of the claim.

Four large corporations change their CEOs in Argentina

Four of the most important companies in Argentina announced that executives who are the number one of their structures leave their positions: Gabriel Martino (HSBC Argentina), Federico Rava (Telefónica Movistar), Carlos Moltini (Telecom), and Enrique Cristofani (Santander). In the press releases and informal talks, they ensure that the movements are not related to the arrival of Alberto Fernández to power.

ECLAC forecasts a 1.3% decline in Argentine economy for 2020

The country’s GDP will record a 3% retraction in 2019, only surpassed by Venezuela, which will face a collapse of 25.5%, and Nicaragua, which will have a decrease of just over 5%, according to the latest projection of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC). Together with the Bahamas, they will form the group of countries in recession on the continent next year.