Wholesale prices increased 58.5% in 2019

Wholesale prices rose 58.5% during 2019, after registering a 3.7% increase in December, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Census (Indec). The index exceeds retail inflation by 4.7%, which was 53.8%. This figure is explained as a consequence of the 4.1% increase in "National Products", partially offset by the 0.4% decrease in "Imported Products".

Argentina fiscal deficit 2019 was equivalent to 3.9% of GDP

The fiscal deficit of 2019 was ARG$846 billion ($14.13 billion), equivalent to 3.9% of Argentina's GDP, according to the budget execution report published by the Congressional Budget Office (OPC). A higher tax collection and the adjustment over public spending allowed a primary surplus of ARG$5.5 billion or 0.3% of GDP, which implied an improvement of 2.2 percentage points in relation to 2018.