Argentina issues AR$9.2bn Treasury notes, swaps more AF20 dual bonds

The Ministry of Economy on Wednesday issued Treasury letters and bonds in local currency maturing in 2020 and 2021 worth AR $9.22 billion ($148.5 million). Of that amount, AR$2.36 billion correspond to Lebad bills maturing on August 28, and another AR$6.87 billion to a swap of the dual bond AF20 for another ones in pesos with Badlar rate plus 100 basis points. Argentina has already swapped 18% of the AF20 which was due on February 13 whose capital payout was postponed to Sept. 30.

Argentina swaps another $146mn of the Dual Bond AF20

The Ministry of Economy swapped AR$9 billion ($146mn) of the Dual Bond for securities nominated in pesos at a private Badlar rate plus surcharge with maturity on August 5, 2021. It also obtained AR$3.6 billion through the tender of Lebad letters with maturity on May 28 and August 28. Argentina decided to postpone to Sept. 30 the payment of the AF20 dual bond that matured on Feb. 13 after restructuring negotiations with the majority of bondholders failed.

Argentina delays payment of AF20 bonds for $1.47 billion

Argentina will postpone until Sept. 30 the payment of capital of $1.47 billion he AF20 Dual Bonds maturing on Thursday, the Ministry of Economy announced. The interest ($105 million) will be paid in term as well as the payment in full to individuals with bonds of up to $20 thousand ($9.3 million). After the announcement, Argentine over-the-counter bonds fell an average of 1% on Tuesday, while the country's risk index expanded 100 basis points to 1982, according to the JP Morgan Plus index.

Argentina scratches ~$1.6 bn (AR$96 bn) bonds sale on Monday

Argentine Economy Ministry has cancelled the tender of three peso-denominated bonds scheduled for issue on Monday aimed at raising AR$96 billion to pay the Dual Bond AF20 due on Thursday. Last week, the Government had achieved 10% of the bond total value ($1.64 b) through a voluntary exchange. In addition to the maturity of the AF20 bonds, on Thursday another AR$9.6 billion of Treasury Letter (Lecaps) are due.

Argentina tenders new bonds to finance $ 1.64b AF20 Dual Bond

Argentina Ministry of Economy will bid on Monday new Treasury bonds to refinance $ 1.64 billion of the AF20 Dual Bond that expires on February 13. Both natural and legal persons may participate. The call comes after only 10% of holders of those bonds accepted a voluntary exchange for $ 164 million.

Argentina announces voluntary debt swap for AR$105 billion

Argentina Ministry of Economy will open a tender for voluntary swap of the so-called Dual Bond 2020 with maturity on February 13 (AF20) and equivalent to AR$105 billion for new titles or a combination of bonds with maturity in 2021, according to a today publication in the Official Gazette. The Dual Bond, denominated in dollars but with interest payment in pesos, was issued in June 2018 and collected $1.64 billion.