Ministry of Economy tenders two new Lebad series

The Ministry of Economy will tender today two new series of Treasury Bills in pesos at Badlar rate (Lebad), one expiring at 120 days and the second one at 180 days, as part of its debt management scheme seeking longer terms and lower rates. Four tenders of Treasury Bills in Pesos were also confirmed on February 3, 11, 20 and 26 as part of the government plan to "normalise the local debt market."

Argentina swaps $1.66 billion of Treasury bills to ease payment crunch

Argentina has exchanged five Treasury bills (Lecap) with an original face value of ARG$99.6 billion ($1.66 billion) in a debt swap auction to help push back its repayment schedule. The economy ministry held the auction on Monday of two new peso-denominated bills (Lebad) which will mature on Sept. 18 and Dec. 22. The new debt will have a nominal value of ARG$83.35 billion ($1.39 billion) with all payments on the debt being due on maturity.